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We are small locally owned wildlife pest control company.  We have more than 14 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. We have serviced the Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor, MI area since the beginning. Our company believes in humane animal control methods.

Michigan Bat Control and Michigan Wildlife Solutions of Ann Arbor, MI


Hearing scratching in the attic or noises in the wall? We can provide a full service nuisance wildlife inspection. 

attic restoration

Attic decontamination, bat guano, raccoon feces, and insulation removal services. 

Commercial pest control

We service all building types for bat removal, mice control and bird control

bird removal &

Control service

Poison free mice

control service

Bat Removal &

control Service

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Michigan Bat Control of Ann Arbor, MI is a full service wildlife pest removal and control company serving the state of Michigan. We are offer poison free alternatives to bat control, mice control, bird control and all other animal pest control services.

Our wildlife control services offer innovative solutions to solve any nuisance animal pest. Including rodent control, attic restoration, bird removal, squirrel control and all other wildlife removal services. We offer only the most humane and poison free solutions to solve your pest control problem.